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Bilal Educational & Social-Welfare Trust (BEST) .

    Vision :

  • >> The endeavour to bring about a secular nationally integrated egalitarian society empowering the underprivileged through education, awareness and employment opportunities .

  • Mission :

  • >> To break down barriers of negativity in religion, caste and gender. Education for all, universalization of elementary education, ensuring the child rights and respecting & caring the old age peoples of the society.Building a secular society in learning and living environment, more employment opportunities through focused awareness programs and women empowerment.

  • Goal :

  • >> To create a democratic, non-violent, classless society without any discrimination of caste, gender, age, religion, class and race through involving Government, Non-Government and Other developmental agencies.

  • Approaches :

  • >> The blending of right based and need based approaches is visible in our intervention. These reflect a resolute focus on our commitment to make a difference in the society.

  • Strategies :

  • >> Our major strategies for years were advocacy, awareness, capacity building, networking, linkages and service delivery.

  • Long term objectives of the organization :

  • >> To make the BEST-INDIA mission a reality through time bound projects, relating to education, awakening hidden creativity to develop special abilities inherent in each individual.To develop the underprivileged by awareness of their rights and by awakening of skills leading to employment friendly society with barriers of religion, caste and gender broken down, making the Fundamental Rights enshrined in our constitution a reality.

  • Major Thrust of the Trust :

  • >> Education With particular emphasis on adult literacy and non-formal education for non-starters and working children, education has been a major thrust area of the Trust. The focus has been on the girl child, women and working children; development of creative expression; and creating a learning environment for children and neo-literates.Focussing on Language Learning programmes for all age groups of the society.

  • Health and Sanitation :

  • >> Awareness, Advocacy, Preventive, Promotive, curative programmes related to water and sanitation, Health education, with special care to mother and child health.

  • Family counseling and legal literacy :

  • >> Women’s empowerment through continuing education, vocational training, micro-credit activities of self-help groups and cooperative societies.

  • Child Centered Community Development Program :

  • >> with right based approach towards ensuring the major rights –survival, protection, participation and development of children.